ISEE / SSAT Preparation

Standardized tests are an important part of the independent school admissions process. While many parents see the SSAT and ISEE as potential roadblocks, we see things differently. With focused preparation, the right coaching, and concentrated effort, these exams can present a great opportunity for students to distinguish themselves academically.

The Nantucket Learning Group focuses on familiarizing students with the structure and content of the SSAT and ISEE. We focus on the fundamentals, the must-know concepts, and the key strategies that will produce results on test day. By focusing on fundamentals as opposed to “test-taking tricks” our students are not only prepared to perform well on exams, but they benefit from an intensive verbal and quantitative review that will keep them one step ahead when returning to school in September.

All of our test prep solutions begin with a diagnostic assessment. The results of this initial practice exam allow our educators to focus specifically on each student’s strengths and opportunities. Over the course of our programs, students are offered various opportunities to take proctored practice exams that help track progress. Most importantly, we don’t offer a cookie-cutter curriculum that is somehow expected to meet the needs of any child preparing for a standardized test. Rather, we leverage our robust assessments and work diligently with parents to create a Learning Plan specifically tailored for each student. 

Our SSAT and ISEE options range from our 15-session Premier SSAT/ISEE Solution to abridged verbal and quantitative reviews. We are flexible to develop a learning plan that meets any student’s needs and any family’s schedule. For more information, give us a call at 508-221-5994.