SAT and ACT Programs

The SAT Reasoning Test is a critical piece of the college admissions puzzle. Many parents see the SAT as an obstacle preventing their children from being admitted to top schools. We see things differently. With focused preparation, the right coaching, and concentrated effort, the SAT can be a great opportunity for students to distinguish themselves academically and pursue admissions at the schools of their choice. Visit our SAT Solutions page to learn more.

While SAT prep is a big part of college admissions – probably more than it should be – it is just one piece of the puzzle. Academic performance, recommendations, and of course, strong applications, are the other ways for students to set themselves apart during the admissions process.

Preparation for the SAT is a Nantucket Learning Group specialty. In a nutshell, our teachers are talented, passionate, and understand the test inside and out. As a group, we have invested significant resources into developing a results driven, student-centric teaching approach that helps each child maximize his or her potential on test day.

Shortcuts vs. Fundamentals
Like anything, SAT success requires practice. In fact, it requires a lot of practice. There are no schemes or shortcuts that will provide top scores. This is why at Nantucket Learning, we focus on fundamentals. While we certainly help students develop individualized test taking strategies, you’ll never see our SAT coaches teaching “SAT tricks.”

Our approach
Our proprietary SAT Analytics™ assessment tool helps students understand their strengths, improve upon their weaknesses, and focus on opportunities. This online tool calculates SAT score ranges and breaks-down diagnostic test results by section, question type, question difficulty, and question placement. From there, focused attention on fundamentals -algebra, geometry, reading comprehension and the like- allows students to develop the confidence and the capacity to score higher.

SAT Prep Options
Our Standard SAT Solution consist of two full-length proctored exams, a robust diagnostic assessment using our SAT Analytics™ tool, 10 individual 1.5-hour coaching sessions, regular progress reports, and a course summary (including score breakdowns) that can be forwarded to subsequent tutors in the fall.

Our Premier SAT Solution is identical to our Standard option except it includes 15 individual coaching sessions (as opposed to 10). This is the ideal option for families spending one month or more on island.